The Concierge Choice

The healthcare landscape has changed quickly in Raleigh. Many of the community’s private health practices have been absorbed by larger health systems, leading to the depersonalization of care, and care that can leave patients feeling rushed. It has also led to confusion and frustration for patients, who struggle to reach their doctor by phone at the office, and often don’t get to see the same provider at medical visits.

Wakefield Family Medicine is proud to be one of the few remaining private practices in Raleigh. As a Concierge Choice practice, Dr. Belcea is able to practice medicine the old fashioned way—with more time, enhanced service, and easier ways to connect with him and his office.

By joining the exclusive Concierge Choice membership program, you get:

Preventive Wellness
An extended annual examination that includes a thorough health review and supplementary testing customized to your unique health needs.

More Time
Longer, relaxed appointments that allow you and Dr. Belcea to spend more time together discussing all your health concerns and treatment plans.

Easy Ways to Reach Dr. Belcea Directly
Members receive Dr. Belcea’s private cell phone number and email address for after-hours communication.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling
It’s easy to secure a same-day or next-day appointment when you need one, and you can be sure appointments will always be with Dr. Belcea —the doctor who knows you.

A Dedicated Staff with a Focus on Service
Our friendly and approachable staff answers phones directly and works efficiently to assist you, whether it is to schedule an appointment, coordinate with a specialist, handle necessary paperwork or connect you with the doctor.

Comprehensive and Coordinated Care
We can help you navigate a complex healthcare marketplace by serving as your advocate with other specialists and health providers.

Complimentary Membership for Children
Your children ages 6-26 receive complimentary enrollment in the program when you join

Exclusive Discounts for Members
Members get a 15% discount on our aesthetic services.

Peace of Mind While You Are Traveling
A network of concierge physicians available when you are away from home.

To join or for more information:

Call Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565.

Fax Concierge Choice Physicians at (516) 204-4013.

Membership is limited and available on a first-come first-served basis.