The Pediatric Choice Program

Small-town care in the heart of New York City

Cathy Ward, M.D.
315 West 70th Street, Suite 1K
New York, NY 10023

Whether you are a first-time parent entering this exciting and exhausting new world, or a seasoned parent with growing children and ever-expanding challenges, my Pediatric Choice concierge program is the solution.

As a member, you get maximum parenting support, exclusive convenience and expert guidance directly from me. As your children grow and needs expand, you can feel confident you have a pediatrician you trust, who knows you and your children personally, in your corner supporting you.

Dedicated Hours

Members will have specific hours that are designated for Pediatric Choice parents and their kids so appointments will be relaxed, convenient and on time.

Personal Cell

You’ll be able to contact me conveniently by text message or after hours with questions you might have.

Limited Membership

Initially, limited to the first 100 members. Membership covers one or more parents or guardians in a family, regardless of how many children they have.

Reserve Your Spot or Learn More Today

Though I wish I could offer this program to all of the parents I serve, because of the time commitment involved, membership will be limited. Initially, I will only make the program available to the first 100 families who join.

If you are interested, please complete the form below, or inquire today for more information.